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Soft//quest is a monthly radio show on Soft//quest is also an ever-evolving web portal with new artworks, sounds and worlds added every month! It was built and is maintained by Lily McCraith and Tommy Brentnall, with extra contributions from guests and friends.

Lily is a designer and researcher, she coded the website and is currently thinking about what is under the ground.

Tommy is an illustrator and designer, he made the 3d models and hosts the radio show, he is currently thinking about world building/trying to think of a story.


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This weeks show feature's the usual hour of soft selections from Tommy (piggybankshoe) as well as a special guest mix from ᙍᘉᗫᒪᙍSS ᙢᓎᙎ : The mix charts the past year, from the last moments in the club in march 2020, through the difficult times that followed and out to growing optimism for the summer ahead.

Piggybankshoe tracklist:

ending audio from the film Fehérlófia (Son of the white mare)
Jun Fukamachi - 24th Hanashinfu
Chris Zippel - Red River
hoodrum - heavenly
blastah - Raining
Lauren Duffus - 120318
Something Wonderful - Sweet And Low
Kanyon - Straight Ether
Solar Eclipse - Suns of Amenophis
Inner Science - Fleeting Echo
Kiyoshi Izumi - Zephyr
recsund - Yoga Bay Plastic Grass Sq
Stefano Di Carlo & Mauro Tannino - The Land Of OZ (Goblin)
Morgan Fisher - On The Brink
ity - [looking at planet-ok]0217a
Füxa - Sky High
Bambi - Bliss Song
DJ GHEPARD - Little Creatures Of Light
avalanche death - white piece
And Rose Peacock - Here
DJ Close Your Eyes To Find Me - Angel Trance Edit 8
Chicane - From Blue To Green
T5UMUT5UMU - Tropical Biodiversity
Astrid Sonne & Minais B - Mistakes
Nihilist - World In A Shell

Endless Mow tracklist:
forthcoming ...